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Google is launching Shop the Look to let you search and shop by outfit

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If there is onethreat to Google Search, its that the majority of the information contained created today lives inside social apps like Instagram and Snapchat and cant easily be indexed to show in search results.

And, even when Google does manage to pull in a piece of the information contained from a social network, its nearly impossible to extract any context from the photo, which is essential if Google wants to monetize these searches with ads.

But it seemslike Google has now found a workaround, at least for fashion-related content. The search engine simply launched a feature called Shop the Lookto bring outfits posted by way bloggers into search results.

Googleis sourcing content( and the links to buyclothesfeatured in the contents) fromrewardStyles, a company that lets way bloggers make money from their social posts. They do this by helpinginfluencers sendfollowersanaffiliate link to buy the products featured in their social posts. For example, if I like a picture of an getup on Instagram the service will email me links to buy all of the pieces of dres in the photo.

So how exactly will Google employ this content and the associated product data?

Users can search Google for an outfit, like cocktail dress, and the platform will pull in images from social influencers that match that outfit description. Then once customers tap on one of those images it will pull up a gallery with each item of dres featured in the picture, as well as a link to purchase it.

Interestingly, Google is integrating Shop the Lookwithits Shopping campaign ad product, meaning retailers can create an ad for an article of clothing to potentially appear in these results.

Not simply is the move big for Google( because they could potentially steal some search traffic away from Instagram ), butits big for the way affects who use platforms like to make a living. By including their content( and affiliate relates) in search results, they have the opportunity to have their content recognized by a lot more people.

The partnership with rewardStyle is stillin its early stages, so the two companies havent finalise a revenue sharing agreement yet but its safe is of the view that if an item is bought on Google the affiliaterevenue will probably be divided up between Google, rewardStyle and the actual influencer who made the contents in the first place.

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